So-Called Shy Girl + Popular Player Guy

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Scarlett just moved to a new place! She doesn't want to deal with anybody so she just pretends to be a nice, shy, quiet, and not inthe crowd person. When in reality she's a rich girl, who doesn't want to be rich and her mom is just another beautiful model. Then one day her whole life changes when the Popular player guy gets into her life. She doesnt want anything to do with him and or fall in love with him, but in the end will she end up risking it all just to be heartbroken? Or will the player end up falling head over heels for her? Maybe it just might be a happy ending!
I did that once I didn't know where this (at the time) new girl lived so I knock on about 20 houses before I got the right one lol btw some people need to teach their dogs not to try and eat people it's rude
Ugh. If your supposed to be shy, you don't say you have a models body...
i do believe if less fortunate people doesn't want to be looked down on, then wealthy/affluent people doesn't also want to be treated differently :) i just wish her new friends were...level headed?
I love this beginning and how scarlette is really modest and everything.
                                    God how those to girls are annoying!