A Lot Like Trouble

A Lot Like Trouble

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Arlington High Book Three:  

An innocent girl. A damaged boy. A ruthless bet. And a whole of trouble.

Fifteen-year-old Yesenia Lopez would give anything for her crush to notice her. Seventeen-year-old Kayde Warren would give anything for Yesenia to notice him. With an overprotective brother acting as a bodyguard, boys are basically off limits for Yesenia. With a slew of family issues weighing him down, hope's the one thing out of Kayde's grasp. When these two collide and deals are made, trouble's not too far around the corner, and neither is the devastating heartbreak of first love.

So.....what? That makes you a damn expert to put pressure on Yesenia? That's not cool. You make yourself sound like a ho in training. Leave my girl Yesi be and beat it. She is beautiful all on her own, thank you.
Lol um wow...this reminds me of when my cousin wanted to give me a bikini wax... I didn't let her tho
What type of fast ass friend does she have 🤔😳 Memo needs to get rid of her
Wallace, if you even think about putting your disgusting hands on Yesi, I will kick your ass.
It was kayde 😬 omg o know how this is going to go she going to push kayde away because she did not think of him like that and she going to keep oil Avery until she finds out he either don't like her like that or that she's going to start having feelings for kayde
But for real, if I got kissed in the dark like that, I would have shoved the person off of me. But I LOVE Kayde, and