The Bucket List

The Bucket List

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nova. By settle- Completed

[a story] in which an ailing girl checks off everything on her bucket list with a little help from her weirdly attractive neighbor.

[spiritual #8 // short story #41]

WARNING: this shit is cheesy as hell i wanna gouge my eyes out

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abbs_soccer abbs_soccer Apr 14, 2017
Okay, officially inspired. I'm gonna start complimenting people more
xangel_of_huntersx xangel_of_huntersx Sep 17, 2017
FOR PEOPLE WHO JUST STARTED READING!!! It's an amazing book this is my second time reading it and it was the first book I ever read.
_sociopathic_ _sociopathic_ Aug 08, 2016
Everyone is saying TFIOS but I'm here like Late Nights all the way
vanilla6995 vanilla6995 May 20, 2016
wait BLUE as in the little sister mentioned briefly in "Midnights" ??? please tell me i'm not imagining things! i love when stories interlap for a brief moment in time (but not becoming completely interwoven); like a cameo appearance of sorts!
oneloveonehouse oneloveonehouse Jul 07, 2016
Gosh I love her already.. This is really going to suck for me, I'm gonna be so sad at the end of this story
abcdefhlo abcdefhlo Aug 04, 2015
I seriously have to read this again! Oh God, I'm crying just thinking about it...