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Spies in Skates [Book Three]

Spies in Skates [Book Three]

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Monica By vb123321 Completed

***Book three! Please read "Spies in Saddles" and "Spies in Stilettos" first! :)
By this point, Nat thinks she's used to the whole spy thing. So her sorta-kinda-not-really boyfriend is now wanted by the same agency her brother leads. So the crazy murderer who almost killed her is still out there somewhere. So no one will tell her anything that's going on.
At least it's Christmas break.
And then that boy shows up in her life, bringing as much mystery, suspense, terror, and head-over-heels feelings as the last time. As the freezing polar vertex sets in, sending buckets of snow and ice and negative temperatures over the town, Nat finds herself out on another spy adventure. This time the stakes - or should we say the skates - are much higher. Nat and the gang are treading very thin ice. Pazzini isn't just the conniving gangster he seems: he's got darker dreams. Zach isn't just the troubled teen he seems: he's got bigger secrets. 
But Nat isn't just the lost, confused girl she seems: she's got spy genes.
Spies in skates? It's a slippery career.

Ok... If I don't read the rest of the story that's alright tight? Cuz I just laughed so loud I think my parents are going to find out I'm on my phone... Goodbye!!
CoArac CoArac Jun 03, 2016
Jason will u pls be my bro? No. Oh.
RebelChild204 RebelChild204 Aug 21, 2015
Awks much it's like zack say that any time but not right now
ro_edaire ro_edaire May 28, 2015
This is a great scale literally laughed out loud at that haha
maddy_chitty maddy_chitty May 06, 2015
I'm reading this while everybody else is testing. I almost got in trouble for laughing. :) ;)
ttyl-gtg-brb ttyl-gtg-brb Nov 03, 2014
Yeah TOTALY just sprained when he litterally twisted it until it. Cracked