Yours to Hold: Ciel x Reader x Sebastian

Yours to Hold: Ciel x Reader x Sebastian

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(e/c) : eye colour

(y/n) : your name

(l/n) : last name

(h/c) : hair colour

(h/l) : hair length

(d/c) : dress colour


A/N: I was listening to a song and I came up with this.... Please don't judge me I've never written a fan fiction before. Comment are always welcomed. Enjoy!


Chapter 1: 'Going through so much'

You ran through the streets of London. You just wanted to be away from your mother. Ever since your father died she's been different. Always beating you and telling you to go away. Her words ran through your head. Repeating like a broken record. 'You killed him! I hate you! Leave now or I'll kill you!' You ran faster, tears blurring your vision. You tripped and fell hit something, more like someone. You look up and your eyes lock with ruby red ones.

Your POV:

I pushed myself away from the tall man and looked away. "I-I'm so sorry! I-I swear I had no intention to do that!"

I felt him staring at me. It sent a...

eye color: green 
                              name: Alyssa 
                              last name: phantom 
                              Hair color: navy blue 
                              Hair length: short 
                              Dress color: a green dress with red ribbons
Biatch please, even if you say don't judge, people are still going to. I might've done that before on stories, I don't even remember, but that was way back then. I'm not like that anymore, I haven't seen the date on this, so I don't know how old this book is...
That's how poor I am now. I couldn't even buy shoes at the swamp meet!!
Being that I live where there are a lot of rocks, my lord, it hurts so bad trying to pass through a section of rocks, to get to the dirt...
Tf makes you think I need a place to stay?? Despite it being true, that's just plain rude >: (
CherryBomb_Red CherryBomb_Red Dec 12, 2016
Ya and that's exactly why I'm not running from you. If I had shoes then wooop.