Yours to Hold: Ciel x Reader x Sebastian

Yours to Hold: Ciel x Reader x Sebastian

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(e/c) : eye colour

(y/n) : your name

(l/n) : last name

(h/c) : hair colour

(h/l) : hair length

(d/c) : dress colour


A/N: I was listening to a song and I came up with this.... Please don't judge me I've never written a fan fiction before. Comment are always welcomed. Enjoy!


Chapter 1: 'Going through so much'

You ran through the streets of London. You just wanted to be away from your mother. Ever since your father died she's been different. Always beating you and telling you to go away. Her words ran through your head. Repeating like a broken record. 'You killed him! I hate you! Leave now or I'll kill you!' You ran faster, tears blurring your vision. You tripped and fell hit something, more like someone. You look up and your eyes lock with ruby red ones.

Your POV:

I pushed myself away from the tall man and looked away. "I-I'm so sorry! I-I swear I had no intention to do that!"

I felt him staring at me. It sent a...

naomichi319 naomichi319 Sep 06, 2016
Thinks: thinks Sherlock homes? Is that you? 
                              Reality: *Sebastian watches the whole thing go down*
AnimeTrashQeen16 AnimeTrashQeen16 Aug 03, 2016
Hehehehehehehe...Crimson eyes!.. Wait Jack the Ripper? let's not forget about Ciel dressing up as a girl.
OneHellOfAWierdo OneHellOfAWierdo Oct 28, 2016
                              This can only mean one thing ಥ_ಥ
                              Sebby you were stalking me again weren't you?
CherryBomb_Red CherryBomb_Red Dec 12, 2016
Ya and that's exactly why I'm not running from you. If I had shoes then wooop.
Strawbz_1 Strawbz_1 Jan 06
"I went inside" nope nothing sexual about that at all nope nothing
CherryBomb_Red CherryBomb_Red Dec 12, 2016
And this has been Sebastian's world! Remember kids wear shoes or you'll be picked up by creepy people and spend the whole day being carried around by a hot Butler!