All Because of Twitter

All Because of Twitter

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thatDCGirl By thatDCGirl Updated Jul 03, 2013

Superstar, and teen heart-throb Marke Penn, accidentally met the normal-not-so-typical High-schooler, named Gemma. Immediately he fell for her. After a few conversation and one dinner, Marke ended up in a bet with Gemma's boyfriend Dan, That if he can't get Gemma to choose him over Dan in two months, then he'll have to stay away from Gemma, and end his career.

It's a huge deal...
First of all, he really likes Gemma, he does. And he doesn't WANT his career to end... so what is he gonna do to win her over?
Is he gonna win?
Does Gemma even like him? Or like him MORE than Dan, her boyfriend ever since last summer camp

READ to find out :D
and COMMENT and VOTE and... FAN :D

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Sleepy_5sos Sleepy_5sos Nov 07, 2013
The story so far is amazing! The one constructive critisum I have is that the spelling like with the @ and btw when someone isn't talking. But a great story with an awesome plot. Can't wait to read further
aleciap aleciap Aug 08, 2013
Don't delete your account. I'll stay and support your story.
x_coca_cola_x x_coca_cola_x Aug 07, 2013
I considered not reading this after i guessed who 'markie(?)' was!!!
dolphinstory dolphinstory Jun 02, 2013
Is that the end of the story? Or did you just drop it? Please, please, please finish, it's really good, and you're really gifted. Please finish.
lauraolivia lauraolivia May 31, 2013
the frst thing that came into my mind about canadian was justin so i guess i was right ;)
Kodochashojo Kodochashojo May 26, 2010
hahaha i know i'm kinda repeating a lot from Stefani_ but it's true i'm crazy and i would do that (run to my friends house if my celebrity crush called me)