Ashes [Disconnected]

Ashes [Disconnected]

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elephant on steriods. ha, as it that was me! "......" ^_^ By icicles Updated Feb 23, 2011

In simple terms: 

	Love doesn’t exist.

	There’s no doubt about it. No more tears shed, it’s the truth. Men, such a nasty word…almost like a swearword. It rolls off your tongue like mud, a slick, slimy muck dripping down the drain after a rain. 

	Let me rephrase. I was in love once upon a time…a lifetime ago. It was like a painkiller for the real world. It numbed my frenzies and sucked me under its hypotonic spell. I believed in it, like so many others. But like others, I watched it die. It was like a fire, small, gradually growing, until it was a large almost un-dying flame roaring, until…water wakes us back up into the real world. It slowly drains the rooted fire…then, there’s nothing. Only ashes, a painful reminder of its ugly past. 
I watched so many fires wash out. They were all too small to withhold the power of water. One splash and the rest was history. 
Why? Why did God create love, only to take it back? When Eve bit into the apple, the moment it touched her lips, Satan knew he had succeeded. Now, since he was fallen, he decided to take the world down with him. Why? If things had been different, would every love have been a ‘happily ever after’? Would it have been different?


Artemis Reign, 16, doesn't believe in love. In her life, love has never been a tight footstool. Occasional love has occured, in which she THOUGHT she had fallen in love, when it really wasn't. So she has come to the conclusion: there is no love. It simply doesn't exist. 
Or rather, 'love' so frequently tossed at random--isn't truly love's just fake-love, or fire love. It'll be overtaken by the water of life and it bleeds peoples' hearts dry, leaving only ashes of remembrance. 

Her twin brother Joshua's friend Drake is a playboy. He hasn't actually been on a real date! It's all hump-N-dump for him. Artemis has always been just a little sister he can pick on. But, his heart has other ideas. 

Will Artemis and Drake get the true love or fire love?

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