Linked [Levi x Reader]

Linked [Levi x Reader]

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Lily By LoveIsNoSin Completed

You lived safely inside of Wall Maria. Hanging out with friends, having fun with your family, and keeping Armin from being beaten up. Life was peaceful with your mom and your brother Cole, until Wall Maria was breached. You thought you could get out, and you did. But the ones you love didn't. Even though, despair never stopped you. You joined the Scout Regimen and vowed revenge on the whole titan race. But, when an old 'friend' from your past comes back, nothing will ever be the same.

Attack on Titan doesn't belong to me. I own nothing. Only the way the story goes. The cover art is by Subaru-S:


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- - Jan 08
                              Yes. He can sing.
                              Search up the "Please don't kill us song" on YouTube.
                              You might even see a version of is sung by jean.
Alexiaboppo4587 Alexiaboppo4587 Jun 08, 2017
If this was a move the director will have a hard time try to find the protagonist
- - Jan 08
*hands you a 50¢ coin*
                              Yes. They still exist in america. Just they aren't made anymore.
                              (Just like the 2 dollar bill)
_just_some_otaku _just_some_otaku Apr 09, 2017
I immediately thought of epic rap battles of  history when I read the last sentence lol
xXCookieHeavenXx xXCookieHeavenXx Aug 22, 2017
Why does no one bother to help me tf like screaming for my name won't magically save me
ImAlsoBTStrash ImAlsoBTStrash Dec 09, 2017
LMAO😂 Half?!
                              Sasha - 70% of the potato
                              Keith - 30% of the potato😂