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Only Hope (Conclusion) | Louis Tomlinson

Only Hope (Conclusion) | Louis Tomlinson

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Kennedy Tucker By Itskennedy112233 Updated Apr 05, 2016

Louis Tomlinson remembered the year of misery he went through when Brooke was gone. All he ever wanted was to be together again. He swore to himself he would do anything to find Brooke. He remembered that he was done with girls after his break up with his previous girlfriend, the last thing he thought was to fall in love again. He never thought he would fall in love with Brooke who is his best mate's sister. She seemed content living in a world apart from the other teens before she met Louis. She took care of her step-parents, went to school, and was independent. No boy had ever asked her out. Then a twist of fate came and brought them together. They dated behind her brother's back, went against his rules, but everything fell apart. Brooke ran away and Louis was determined to look for her. Finally reunited but will they be together for long? Is Louis determined to make her fall in love again? Brooke discovers something tragic but will she tell the lads? Even after everything, would Harry allow the two to be together? Will someone come and destroy things? Will love find its way through the stubborn brother and challenges? Join Brooke and Louis where all things will be sorted, the wait is over. Brooke teaches Louis about life, hope and the long journey ahead.

  "Louis. Please listen to me," I cried. Tears fell from both of our eyes. "It couldn't be possible," he spoke in denial. "You can't be. I just got you back. You can't leave again," he sobbed. He dropped to the floor and cried. My lip quivered as I crouched down to his level. "I'm sorry," I whimpered. "Why didn't you tell me?" He looked up at me with red, watery eyes. "The doctors told me to live on with my life. Act like everything was fine and that's what I did," I cried. "But you're nineteen," he said. "Things happen," I whispered. I pushed his hair back and kissed his lips gently. We closed our eyes. Just as he was about to kiss me back, I pulled back and stood up. I turned around and walked away.

marushka_niall marushka_niall Jan 05, 2016
I am so happy!!!! Yay! So you are going to complete the series right?
KrisHallig3 KrisHallig3 Oct 30, 2015
I just started reading FFY a few weeks ago and just earlier i dinished reading NLY...and right now I'm reading this....I really love this book!! Thank you for making it a trilogy
shay444 shay444 Jul 26, 2015
I love this song u r a great writer and I am super happy that u made a 3 book
oceanicdaniel oceanicdaniel Jul 01, 2014
mirandapanda01 mirandapanda01 Apr 06, 2014
@ThemWafflez Yay I am not the only one who runs in circles and does random stuff! :)
MCNabz MCNabz Apr 06, 2014
So there is Dylynn in this story too! That is just AWESOME! I love it already! Xx