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️[Oreos series]

[Book one of two]

Some people like the cookie. Some like the cream. I like them together, with some milk of course. But, I'm not talking about Oreos. 


This is my life.  
BWWM (Black Woman White Man)
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ladys1745 ladys1745 Oct 04
YAY 🙌 🙌 🙌 now just accept it and get the other info you need
Blue jeyns toa Lawya Firm. Needa neyw fren asaaap. (I spelt it that way for a reason) 😂 get the receipt and return your friend. They don't want you to succeed bruh 😩🙅🏾
NylahFranks NylahFranks Sep 25
Illuminati confirmed badadummmmmm dadaummm ohhhh weeeddddooodeeedoooduuuu
What do you mean succeeded 🤔💀 bruh you let them😂😂
daloria daloria 3 days ago
Can y’all writers f*cking Put a dark skinned girl up!? Like dam
LSJMN2000 LSJMN2000 Jul 25
You're going to regret that..... I comment some down right weird, wrong, and twisted things🙈😋