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The Truth Beneath The Rose (Legolas Love Story)

The Truth Beneath The Rose (Legolas Love Story)

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Sinead By SineadRobyn Completed


"You may believe it, or you may not... you were born into darkness. All your life, you've lived a lie. You were meant to let evil prevail. It has been long since I allied with Sauron-"

"Sauron?! You're on the same side as Sauron!" I shout, not believing any of this.

"Hush, child. We kept everything a secret from you. Yes, you were a failure to us, but still. You were our daughter. But seeing that there is a chance that Sauron could be defeated.. and you helping them!" says my father, aggressively shaking, spitting his words. "We can see that no longer shall the truth be kept from you! You were meant for evil! How you became so pure, that is the biggest question! So tell me, child... which side do you choose? Enjoy the power and security of evil... or the fear of the good?" He then grabs my collar, lifting me up, almost suffocating me.

I stare at him with a mortified expression. So this is who I am... Forget that, I question every part of who I am! "So it was you who sent me in a cage and left me lying there to bleed for fifty miserable years. I wish you never told me. I wish I never knew! I will see this kingdom restored. And to think that I'd join you!" I spit at him. "Let me go!"

"Very well... You've made your choice. Your world will turn black as Sauron takes back what's rightfully his!" He does not let me down. Instead, he wraps his hands around my neck. He squeezes my neck as I struggle, taking the air from my lungs. I let out one final scream.


Is it a sin to seek the truth, the truth beneath the rose?

Elves usually use a more formal speach, however I thought your use of the first person to narrate the story very clever.
Pointy rocks none of you noticed you dumb fucktards...
                              Granted she didn't notice them either but...
proffesorX_2002 proffesorX_2002 Sep 13, 2016
This is such a beautiful story. ❤️ the princess is so sassy😏
Theinsanewords Theinsanewords Dec 15, 2016
How did she have enough strength to pick him up 😂 I imagine her having him over her head screaming bloody murder 😂
Lila_Strange Lila_Strange Oct 31, 2016
I try to comment whenever I see it fit and vote on every chapter. :3 I love the story so far...Mellon-nin... :3