The Bad boy that fell for the Crazy Girl

The Bad boy that fell for the Crazy Girl

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Cliche Girl By little_miss_cliche Completed

Violet Blake is depressed, lonely, and negative. Her negative charge lead her to weekly therapy sessions with Tammy. God how she loathes their time together. But what she doesn't loathe is when Tammy's bad boy son takes a special interest in her.

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Jk but why would you do anything to your perfect body so people are slowly dying but still going strong
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                              They're-'they' and 'are' put together
                              Sorry I just notice you do this sometimes, just trying to help so please don't shoot me :) #tryingnotooffendanyonein2016
That's my class since elementary we destroyed a brand new school in the first semester
I feel kinda bad saying this but I don't wanna trigger nobody but I literally just stare at the blood as it bubbles up and it makes everything else in my world disappear
ccbed33 ccbed33 Jan 22
Someone once said "try not to be so depressed." Like oh am I bothering you? Just lemme take my diagnosis and put it in a box, and throw it away. How bout I miraculously get rid of my anxiety while I'm at it? Oh, and why not throw away the insomnia and bi polar disorder. 
                              I wish.
- - Jan 21
When someone try's to murder me I'll be like NO I have the power of TRIANGLES