Living with the schools jerk.

Living with the schools jerk.

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Milly By bubblegum8 Updated Jun 09, 2013

Suddenly a door about a meter away from me opens and out steps Lucas. I falter mid-step and my heart beat increases. I look subtly look to the left of me and then the right, but there aren't any good escape routes. Where do I go from here? I slowly edge backwards but he matches each of my steps with one of his.

&~ Flashback

I slam my car door closed and then instantly regret it. "Oh, I'm sorry baby," I whisper quietly, stroking the side of my beauty. "It was my fault we parked badly, not yours,"


I take a deep breath and stand from my crouched position, knowing that voice all too well. Lucas. He is honestly one of the biggest jerks in school and his conceitedness knows no bounds.

He's surrounded by his normal loud and exuberant group that consists of jocks and cheerleaders and jealous on-lookers.

"What?" I try to keep my voice monotone but attitude seeps through and I sound snappy already. In my defence though, he is extremely annoying and deserves worse than my attitude...

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