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Genius ~ Sherlolly

Genius ~ Sherlolly

56.6K Reads 1.8K Votes 20 Part Story
Baenidict Cumberbatch By drinkingmoriartea Completed

It's lonely at 221B, Sherlock and John are growing more and more distant, Lestrade is always a busy and no good cases have come up for a long time. But then there is one case that tests Sherlocks heart instead of mind, a case involving a girl that Sherlock took for granted, a girl who Sherlock only thought of as a friend. Her name was Molly, Molly Hooper. There is only thing this genius he doesn't know....  How to fall in love

AnnaSkywalkerHolmes AnnaSkywalkerHolmes May 31, 2016
Hi, this was a very good story. You should read my story too. It´s called Sherlolly 4 ever
holbyfan holbyfan Jan 29
Literally died for a second. I thought it said 'babies' not 'bodies'
mrs_ami_weasley mrs_ami_weasley Sep 26, 2016
I hope I meet my future non existent BF this way.........imma be a pathologist
abby1541 abby1541 Nov 11, 2016
That was the best introduction in the history of introductions
mrs_ami_weasley mrs_ami_weasley Sep 26, 2016
Both = it's a blessing and a curse but I'm slowly edging towards the higher end of sherlolly tbh
AmericanIdiot811 AmericanIdiot811 Dec 30, 2015
I've always wondered how much money they spend on cabs a month