A Pinkabelle guide to book cover design.

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Pinkabelle By Pinkabelle Updated 3 years ago
So many people have asked me how I design my book covers, how they can do it themselves, where I get my pictures from, and so on. I figured it was about time I answered all those questions in one place. Seeing as this is a literary site, how better than to write a book of my own for you all.
    Depending on the response I get from this book, I may continue further. So if you want more, make sure you fan, vote, comment, etc. If you have any questions as we go along, just write them in the comments section below and I will do my best to answer them.
    So here goes...
DeviantART.com has free stock images and free brushes for photoshop but you need to read the owners guidelines because some aren't free. @SP_Lover
Are there any free stock sites? Because I don't really have enough money to spend on it, but I don't want to get hunted down for copyright infringement....
                                    Also, is Picasa a good picture editing software?
found gimp quite intresting! @ForeverJoker what does it mean by make changes?
@ForeverJoker can you give me that site that u dont use money on please? it would help me sooo much!!
Love it
                                    Hope that you will continue it
                                    And thanks for wonderful advice. Hope that i will be good at book covers/ banners like you beccause you are so amazing talent of make them as wll
                                    And i am off to add thiss tory in my library too :) x