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Rhino girl (Daryl Dixon love story)

Rhino girl (Daryl Dixon love story)

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No By Rin-Rhino Updated Mar 24, 2016

When anti-social Rin meets a redneck on a rooftop who's handcuffed to a pipe, he introduces her to his brother. Daryl Dixon. Even though she joins their group she tries her hardest to push the people in the camp away from her, she doesn't want to get too attached. But will they let her?


No-Life-Queen No-Life-Queen Oct 25, 2016
Sorry if I seem rude but Daryl has blue eyes you even did it in the cover again sorry if I seemed rude😫
AlanahMejia AlanahMejia Feb 26, 2016
Daryl has blue eyes But it doesn't really matter I like brown eyes too
friedmayo friedmayo Oct 27, 2015
Well that doesn't seem realistic, like you would have to be related to the dog, but okay
Rin-Rhino Rin-Rhino Mar 26, 2015
@pixiedust2247 I find that in many different images and stories he has different colored eyes. I just choose this on because I like that color on him. Thank you, though. I appreciate the feedback!
pandatinkerbell pandatinkerbell Mar 25, 2015
Hey your book is great just wanted to let you know Daryl has blue eyes.
Rin-Rhino Rin-Rhino Mar 21, 2015
@dukers18 Spelled* and there is soooo more than a few spelling mistakes in here. Don't mind'em.