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The Omega Princess

The Omega Princess

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Cupcakesandcookies By Cupcakesandcookies Completed

My name was once Mia Elizabeth Vauthier. I was the princess of a great land where wolves, grander than any other creature shifted freely between animal and man. Where nature and its inhabitants lived together in an uninterrupted harmony. Where the supernatural was not abhorred by those arrogant beings that called themselves humans. Here the supernatural was just as part of nature as the trees and the grass, just as the Goddess had wished it to be.
Since the day of my birth, I had been the envy of all the land. 
I would be powerful 
I would be great 
I would be blessed by the Goddess…
Or so they had thought.
When I was meant to shed my fragile human skin and flow smoothly in the Goddess’ blessed creature of the night, I did not. It did not happen when I was sixteen, or seventeen, or eighteen. The shock had been like steaming water, trickling down the naked skin, tearing skin as it went leaving ugly marks that could never be removed. 
I became stained.
The Princess who was an omega and not just an omega, a wolfless omega. An empty shell, a box with no contents, a heart with no blood. Just an empty vessel. I wished so desperately to fill the empty space with something worth more than the haunting echoes of what should have been but that was not my fate.
Instead the once beloved princess I was cast aside, thrust into a tower with no promise of a prince to rescue me. The only dragon that guarded me was my own mind, a sharp weapon which would slowly poison me. 
I thought nothing could save me…
Perhaps it is still too late.

_iamSHERlocked_ _iamSHERlocked_ Jul 03, 2016
Since I saw the cover, I already like this novel.
                              When I read the description, I fell in love.
                              What's more to come?
                              I can't wait to start!!
                              SO BLOODY AWESOME SAUCE
tickle-me-pink tickle-me-pink Jul 06, 2016
A heart with no blood................ I love that description.
swiftly-styles swiftly-styles Jan 02, 2016
So...... I've had this book in my library for MOOOOOONTHS. I'm bored so I'll read it. I read the first chapter and it's so well written. I think I'll enjoy it. Lol.
LettuceCups420 LettuceCups420 Dec 23, 2015
This book is so impressively written and I just started reading it.
Kershhie Kershhie Aug 18, 2015
instead of starting at 0 this bitch takes it to 100-1000 real quick, cos she rocks it like that