Fae Lord's Betrothed 👑 || Book One

Fae Lord's Betrothed 👑 || Book One

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#6 in Paranormal ▪ A human girl fell in love with a fae lord. It didn't end well. 

[Faes & Furies #1]

Allura Weaver didn't have an easy life. But it got worse when she was betrothed to the ruler of Wrewan, Lord Cayold.

She didn't have an option but to agree to the proposal no matter how much she hated him or his kind. The purpose to avenge her father's death motivated her to get through the torturous days.

Lord Cayold, like most faes, thought humans were weak and coward. He despised them. He would've never married a human girl, especially a reckless one like Allura if he didn't need her.

However, fate had a bigger plan. Days were turning darker and night turned horrendous with crimes. When they learned that they were against a common enemy, they realised what they shared between them was far stronger, deeper and dangerous.

But would it be enough to defend the calamity that intends to tear down everything they hold dear?


[Ongoing • First (rough) draft]

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