Abusive Love {BoyxBoy}

Abusive Love {BoyxBoy}

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Alexis Zamora By Alexiszamora2013 Updated Jun 18, 2014

My Name Is Alexander Marks Im 22 Years Old And Im A Emo Gay And Abused By My Boyfriend Johnathan Smith He's Much Older Then I Am He's 30 And Hot But That's Beside The Point He Hurts Me But I Don't Want To Leave Why You Ask? Because I Love him…

Alexander Marks Is A 22 Year Old Gay Guy Who Is Abused By His Older Boyfriend Johnathan Smith.

Johnathan Was Never Like This He Was Sweet When We Met And We Fell In Love Instantly He Made Me Feel Safe Made Me Feel Loved But He Also Had A Temper.

2 Years Later I Turned 23 And Johnathan Turned 31 Our Relationship Started Off Fine The First Year The Second Year It Went All Down Hill From There.

Johnathan Started Becoming Mean Whenever Alexander Would Come Home Late Or Was Just Plainly Talking To Another Man, Then One Day Johnathan Did The Unthinkable He Finally Snapped He Did The One Thing He Promised Would Never Happen He Slapped Alexander And That's When The Abuse Started.

Alexander Would Get Slapped, Kicked And Among Other Things Forced Sexually By Johnathan.

Alexander Had Finally Had Enough Two Weeks Later He Snuck Out And Ran Away From The Man He Used To Love.

3 Years Later He Turned 26 And Found A New Man By The Name Of Philip Samuelson Who Treats Him Right And Never Hurt Alexander.

Philip Asks Alexander To Marry Him And Alexander Says Yes.

6 Months Later The Wedding Of Their Dreams Was Supposed To Be A Time Of Their Lives When An Unexpected Guest Arrives And Makes Their Happy Life A Living Hell!!!

Who May You Ask? Well Read And Find Out!!!

{Story Contains}: 
2.Abuse Between Spouses
3.Sexual Content
4.A Rape Scene.

Will Alexander Fall In Love Again Or Will He Forever Be Alone?

Will Alexander Be Whole Again?

Can His Heart And Mind Recover?

Read And Find Out!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Sk3tchgirl Sk3tchgirl Aug 09, 2017
It's pretty short, and you could double check the punctuation, but otherwise it's okay
CourtneyAnnette CourtneyAnnette Jan 18, 2017
Too short. Not descriptive enough. And I don't like that he's talking to the reader. I know you might view this as being a jerk but it's not. Judgements will only make you a better writer.