One-Shots! (One Piece & Others)

One-Shots! (One Piece & Others)

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simswimsbob By simswimsbob Updated Aug 20, 2016

Hey guys! I know, I'm being reckless and uploading a whole bunch of new stuff this week. But, I could not toss this idea.

 To be honest, one-shots are not my favorite. They do have some really good ones on deviantART, though. So here one of my own is.

Well, first I want to do an Killer x Reader one. It will actually be pretty long, so enjoy!

Clenching your jaw, you tried to remember what had happened just a month ago. You had joined the Kid pirates, one of the most vicious crews in the world. Why? Well, being Eustass Kid's sister had it's benefits. The two of you fought over the stupidest things, like driving the ship for an hour, or spending money at the right stores.

The only one who could break up you're fights was Killer, the massacre solider. To you, he was this slightly bulky guy with a positive attitude. He would always ask to be excused when you we're eating, and Kid would always reply with a gruff, "yes."

But if you dared to excuse yourself from the table, your hot-headed...

funstar42 funstar42 Aug 14, 2015
Could you do a heat x reader I'd love to see how that would turn out
mysteryreader6626 mysteryreader6626 Jul 22, 2015
wildandrelentless wildandrelentless Dec 05, 2014
'Feels" suck. You get attached to someone(O got attached to Ace) and then something always happens and it emotional!!!
KittyWillCutYou KittyWillCutYou May 14, 2014
oh, I definitely wasn't expecting the interruption at the end. This was really cute and you write well. Actually,  I have to admit, this was a bit better than what I was expecting initially. Nice job.
Arctic_Sky Arctic_Sky Mar 26, 2014
So cute! I think that was awesome for a first try at Marco's character! And Ace was perfect. So freaking adorable without even trying. I loved it!
Arctic_Sky Arctic_Sky Mar 25, 2014
Amazing! Killer is such a sweetheart (in your fics at least!) Maybe you could do a... Hm. An Ace one? Or if you want a challenge, you could try Kohza from the alabasta arc... But I agree with OneHellofaGrell about a Shanks or Mihawk one. That sounds awesome!