My Brother's Bestfriend

My Brother's Bestfriend

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"No it's not okay, i've been mean to you since we met." He said actually looking like he meant.

"Daniel, i'm serious it's fine, i'm not mad about th-" before i could finish Daniel smashes his lips on mine. I kiss back for a seconds. But then I relieze i'm kissing Daniel, my Brother's bestfriend, who i known for my whole life and is basically like my brother. I pull back.

"Daniel, we can't do that." I saying looking down.

"I'm sorry it's just i could hold back anymore." He says nervously. 

"What do you mean anymore?". 
Your name is Alex, short for Alexandra. Your parents died in a car crash when you were 10, so you and your half brother, Caleb, live with your aunt. Your Brother also has a bestfriend named Daniel. They both are popular And so are you. They both are also players but protective of you, VERY. You and Daniel fight a lot until.....

Before you read the story, let me just say. This is a total cliche high school story. This story also have mature language. I'm still editing as I update but when I finish the story, I'll officially start editing everything. Also in the beginning, my writing way may be crap but as you go on, it's get's better.

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