Taehyung My Fake Boyfriend //Kim TaehyungxReaders//

Taehyung My Fake Boyfriend //Kim TaehyungxReaders//

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"Stupid! Be my girlfriend." It sounded more like order than request. 

"What?!" I took one step back. 

"I mean fake girlfriend." He took one step forward. "Please." He came closer to me. We were looking in eachother's eyes. 

"Well, you know- NO" I said plainly but yelled at 'no' part. 

He grabbed my both shoulder and came more closer. 

"It's not like I'm asking you to be my real girlfriend. You will just have to pretend." 


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***main character is Indian but story can be read without any confusion as Indian stuff aren't mentioned at all. Any one can read this.***

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