Justice Eternal

Justice Eternal

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Kata By SWKata Updated Sep 26, 2018

Urban Fantasy - Romance - Immortals - Tournaments. 

Hidden throughout our modern world is an ancient, mythical community. Beneath their human masks lay a plethora of creatures both terrifying and captivating.

Though united in their shared secrecy from humans, deep rifts exist between regions and races. The powerful Immortals that have held them together for centuries now struggle to retain control.

At nineteen, Justice Edwards has done well to avoid her place in that world. 

Distracting herself with High School, and a string of no-string boyfriends she projects a confident but ditsy facade that has served her well. 

Until now.

Summoned along with seventy-two other immortal children she will assume supernatural abilities and be expected to submit her life to the service of this community for the next eighty years.

And, unless her team can best their peers in a competitive round of tournaments, she will also have to submit her heart in an intimate, empathic bond to a man with whom she has no say in choosing.

As daughter to one of the oldest people to have ever lived, Justice's powers are expected to be legendary, but that means nothing if her team first implodes in a mire of jealousy, betrayal and forbidden love.

Cover Designer: @AWFrasier
Stock: MariaAmanda
Photographer: Martin Lindeblad Jørgensen

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Cross-Warrior Cross-Warrior Mar 22, 2018
At least you try. Unlike some people *looks pointedly at a mirror*
Cross-Warrior Cross-Warrior Mar 22, 2018
*proceeds with complete intent to pick up every single grammar infraction*
1quickfix 1quickfix Apr 08, 2018
Ok. I have been accused of not being impartial, or critical, when it comes to my comments...that I just blow smoke...well, the scales have fallen from my eyes... No more... Mr D is going to call it like it is... Hope you enjoy
yanieboi yanieboi Nov 14, 2018
hahaha, yah, let the man know or he might change his phase knowing that he will have nothing in return..
yanieboi yanieboi Nov 14, 2018
hahaha, so his absolutely a hunk that girls are dying to get his attention. Maybe you can describe him more to us so we will be captivated more too as well :)
yanieboi yanieboi Nov 14, 2018
wow, what a description.. This is actually what is lack on me. Your really good in describing the surrounding.