A Kingdom's Secrecy (Book #1)

A Kingdom's Secrecy (Book #1)

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BOOK #1 in 'The Secrets of Aristol' series.

Ever since Elouise was a child, she knew of one certain thing about her future: she was heir to the throne in a kingdom where queens hold higher rule than kings. When she was eight, her mother used her dying breath to inform of her an eventual destiny she must fulfill to protect her land and her people. These words were soon forgotten and buried beneath the grief of losing her mother. Eleven years later, after falling ill, Elouise begins awakening her mysterious magical abilities. Remembering her mother's words, she is now forced to discover the meaning behind the message. 

Ever since Eldon was a child, he knew of two certain things: he would live out his days suffering in poverty, and he was merely a few days old when he survived a deadly attack on his village. He was taught to fight, hunt, and tend to livestock and crops. But at the age of eighteen, he is summoned by a voice that informs him of a girl he is destined to meet and assist. Eldon doesn't know where he's supposed to meet this girl, but although against his morals, he sets out into the unknown. 

If anything is certain it's that Elouise and Eldon are somehow connected. Perhaps it's because they're the only two living souls with brown eyes.