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My Better Half [Nico x Percy]

My Better Half [Nico x Percy]

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Valentine By 30shadesofsad Updated Sep 29, 2014


Nico di Angelo, son of Hades, is still helplessly in love with his friend Percy Jackson, a son of Poseidon. Nico, being the quiet and shy boy he is, keeps his feelings bottled up but can't help feeling jealous of Annabeth, who is dating Percy. Nico thinks his chances with Percy are probably thrown down the depths of Tartarus until one day, things start to change..


Hi guys! So, this is my first boy x boy/fanfic story so I really hope you guys like it! If you don't like gays then just please don't read. This story is obviously not for you then. But if you don't like Percy Jackson.. I hope you go to Tartarus and never return! (joking) But seriously. How can you not love Percy Jackson?

BTW, I'm going to change the ages a bit so that Nico is 18 and Percy 19 :)

rainbowsilverpuzzle rainbowsilverpuzzle Jul 07, 2016
When I see this... My mind blows and I become the happiest person in the world
- - Jul 09, 2015
My first thought when I saw this title was Bring Me The Horizon's Drown, which is soooo appropriate for this ship.
                              "Who will fix me now,
                              Dive in when I'm down,
                              Save me from myself,
                              Don't let me drown~"
                              PERCICO WILL SAIL! *releases tiny paper boat into water*
M10712 M10712 Jun 26, 2015
Best ship ever EEk (fan girling) daughter of posiden/neptune
JJNatural JJNatural Mar 26, 2015
KinzyKin KinzyKin Aug 21, 2014
So it can get all smutty in dis house. (^~^)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
free_man_morgan free_man_morgan Jul 13, 2014
Ok I'm cool with nico being 18 and percy 19 do there adalts ??