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Emma By Million_drops Completed

15 year old Lexi Hart is a normal girl in the inside although the outside screams something different. Unlike the other girls she has natural white hair ever since she was born. She believes no one likes her because of it but little did she know that there's one guy out there that's made for her but she will only find out once she turns 16, once she shifts into a wolf for the first time.   17 year old Archer Creek is a werewolf, a black werewolf, he's also the Alpha of the White Night pack. He's been searching for his mate high and low all over the world and yet he still hasn't found her. But what happens once he realizes she's right in front of him? Once he notices she's an extinct wolf? Will he accept her as his mate or will he reject her?

chector53 chector53 Jan 18
Why does she not know she is a were?  Most are taught from small about shifting and mates.
All_Things_Unnatural All_Things_Unnatural May 25, 2016
Keep it up guy people might start to think ur IQ is getting higher
xxVanillaxTwilightxx xxVanillaxTwilightxx Feb 06, 2016
Being different is a blessing and a curse. Blessed to stand out and be an individual, but cursed to be alone in the way that there are no similarities between you and others
TALane16 TALane16 Dec 16, 2016
I know right. If all electricity is gone alot of the millennials un like me wont know how to do anything.
-The-Cat- -The-Cat- Jan 26
That's my just jamming out to Fall Out Boy, The Days Grace, and Green Day completely  oblivious
B_I_T_C_H_O_L_O_G_Y B_I_T_C_H_O_L_O_G_Y May 23, 2016
What the hell she should love herself than damn she lucky she not like everyone else I personally like to be different than everyone else being apart of the crowd is not fun all the time