Her Blind King ✓

Her Blind King ✓

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Lucy Foxworth By FoxyGirlLovesIt Completed


The true mate is for all eternity. But what if that's not what you want?


Amaya Elissa of Winter's Pack was the every day Wolf with big dreams. When the terrible event happens, it changes her perception of the world, and she starts to feel the need to bring justice back to her life. 

But what happens when on her way stays no one else but the King?

Will she accept the title of being his mate or will she fight against it till her last breath?


''Come.'' He commanded. 

Not because her Wolf wanted to listen to him, but out of respect, she stepped closer, closing the gap between them. 

Without a question, the King lifted his hand and caressed her jaw. Her whole body relaxed under his touch, sending the small waves of pleasure down her muscles. To her surprise, his fingers were gentle and caring, even it was their first time of meeting he acted like he was in love. His scent was filling her lung so pleasantly. 

For a moment, she thought they were alone in the world. 

''Your Highness...'' Alpha Jason's voice broke the special moment for the true mates meeting for the first time. Once the King faced the Alpha just seven feet away from them who was still unable to approach Amaya, Alpha Jason continued his peel. ''We are here to ask you for permission to let Amaya and her future mate visit the White Magic's Pack.'' 

The King straightened, narrowing his thick eyebrows in confusion. ''Her future mate?'' He tested the Alpha's words on his tongue. 

''Yes. Omega Lucian.'' 

That was the moment when the Hell's door opened.


This story contains graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, strong language, and/or other mature themes.