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Pia (Poppy) Sullivan doesn't believe in love. She never has. Growing up in a family where her father and mother hate each other and where her younger brother gets used by his girlfriends (without his knowledge), Poppy has learned not to trust anyone. Letting anyone in means letting your guard down and exposing yourself to getting hurt. It's jumping into a void and hoping there's a net at the bottom to save you.

Chase Edwards is seventeen and brilliant. Coming from the poorer side of town, his intelligence lands him in the best school- a school whose prestige means that even rich kids struggle to get in. Rumours spread like wildfire around the school about his illegal actions and he is alienated from his peers at school. Girls want to be with him for the thrills and guys want to be him. But Chase keeps his head down and no rumours are ever proven to be more than what they are- rumours.

When Poppy and Chase are put together for a class project, Poppy takes no notice of the whispers swirling around them. Gossip doesn't matter; grades do. However, when circumstances push them closer together, Poppy finds herself in a situation she doesn't know how to deal with, so she makes a quick decision.

She lets Chase into her life.

It's a decision that she will grow to either love or hate. In this game, there isn't another option.

*Warning: There are a few 'The Fault In Our Stars' spoilers in here*

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notinuseeee1 notinuseeee1 Dec 10, 2014
Reading this for like the fifth time! But now I can vote and comment
silverstar99 silverstar99 Aug 04, 2014
I'VE BOOKMARKED IT AND I'M READY TO START READING...... tomorrow... :3 sowwy >< had hw to do and I don't really wanna start reading today :(
shellyxheart shellyxheart Jul 26, 2014
oooooh i see why you asked me if i read any john green books aha ;D i'm already hooked with your intro. seriously looking forward to reading this !
ErinEisenhart ErinEisenhart Jul 17, 2014
Hehe. It's interesting. I think the blurb is well written. It piques the reader's interest. I'm really looking forward to how things would progress between Chase and Poppy. Will definitely read on! Good luck :)
katc1999 katc1999 Apr 10, 2014
The description has me intrigued
                              Most deffinetly interested on how this story is going to play out
behindbricks behindbricks Apr 07, 2014
I'm inlove with this and can't wait until the next update((: you're an amazing author!!