Flawsome ✔

Flawsome ✔

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June D. Silver By JuneDSilver Completed

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Looking at sixteen-year-old Neo Favre, there isn't anything to point out that would explain him being heavily bullied. He's almost just like any other teenager attending South Haven Highschool. Except one thing; Neo suffers from OCD, and his irky habits are solely the reason for his classmates to make fun of him. But as much as he tries to hide his annoying habits of counting literally everything and tapping light buttons to the beat of "we will rock you", his fellow students know, and they use it to bully him endlessly.

Neo just wants it all to end, but right when he worked up the guts to put his actions where his mouth is, Calo show's up to save the day, and maybe his week. And who knows, maybe even his life. With a first best friend, along with a new therapist and seemingly more people supporting him, things seem to take a turn for the better in Neo's life. But as always, with the few positive things in his life, Neo leans onto them for support.

So, what happens when one of his supportsystems gets pulled out of his life again?

! Trigger warning; subjects like suicide, mental illness, hatred, bullying and severe physical illnesses will all be in this book !