Mated to a Married Man

Mated to a Married Man

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That's right everyone, MTAMM is officially back in business... I have been editing and adding to the story and it's almost ready to come back. I am going to upload chapter by chapter like I usually do with my stories because I don't have it all ready yet, but I am so happy to have it back online. I bet you are too. So, please, enjoy this new version of Mated to a Married Man...


 I was seated in my assigned seat for History when I felt my shoulder being tapped. I turned to look at the kid behind me, I raised my eyebrows as he handed me an envelope with my name on it.

I turned back to my desk and opened it. Inside was a cut-out heart with writing on it.


He's mine now.


I looked at the letter one more time before shoving it back into the envelope and pushing it into my school folder. I hated her; I absolutely loathed her; her being Claire Jones, my ex-best friend. The girl Dylan dumped me for, the girl who was now his mate for life. This could poss...

CrowOhsoSly CrowOhsoSly Feb 17
Same 😬 and I got wooden floors in my bedroom so its cold everywhere until I get to the stair case
alexhl1023 alexhl1023 Nov 23, 2016
Also a person who likes sports but doesn't have the typical "athletic" body
fantazy503 fantazy503 Aug 15, 2016
Dab baby powder all over your legs and thighs! I have a hard time putting it on too because my legs are still wet from the shower so I put powder on my legs before putting on my Jeans!
Cutie_Hugs101 Cutie_Hugs101 Jun 12, 2016
Especially when u finish from a day at the beach and u have to use those public toilets
fantazy503 fantazy503 Aug 15, 2016
This is the perfect time to turn around and give her both of your middle finger! 
                              I did that in School since 3 grade and didn't get caught till I was in Sophomore! :)
werewolf_andme_18 werewolf_andme_18 Aug 08, 2014
YES!!! A chubby person in a werewolf story and they aren't total losers or the alphas rejected mate!!!! :)