This Land Of Mine

This Land Of Mine

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Ariel By arieltriton Updated Oct 11, 2012

Description- This Land Of Mine

I wish for once in some dumb politician's life that they would just hurry up and see that you cannot just block away your mistakes and hide them for the rest of the world to see, sometimes you must just face your mistakes and fix them not just let the victims fix up your mistakes for you. They call me a hero, I don't. They call me a survivor, I don't. Some even call me a blessing from god, but I just call myself a victim of a horrible experiment.

 The 'evil' released thousands of what we call Morks. They're human like creatures that can only survive in the dark and feed off of... well, people like you and me but what's left of you comes ... back as one of the 'living dead' or what most call Mortuus the lost souls of loved ones.

 We are the survivors.

 I am their leader.

 This. Is. Our. Story.  

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