Letum Alucinor.

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Megan Camille. By MeganMcr Completed
Falling asleep with the people you care most about seems great, right? What if you did, only to wake up and find that the world is upside down and just plain crazy? When the world you're in isn't real at all, and every decision you make has a consequence--a very real consequence. And if you thought you were going to die, would you take your chances and do something you've been holding yourself back from doing? Six friends are about to experience the answers to all these questions. What they take from Dagger and Claudia's game will leave them scarred for life, changed forever.
    *Note: There is a little bit of fan fiction in this story!! The situations involving Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are created by me, and are completely made-up fiction.
I just laughed a little bit because we have almost the same title in our books. (-: