HIS EVE: The Aftermath Chronicles (Book Two)

HIS EVE: The Aftermath Chronicles (Book Two)

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Cole James By Cole_James Updated Apr 06, 2018

Serial killer Abel is ready to take the next step of the prophecy. A prophecy, he's deemed by God to oversee, by any means necessary. 

His chosen, once known as Audrey Miller, is a school shooting survivor and the only to earn Abel's love. As the prophet's future wife and foretold mother to the new garden of Eden, Audrey has been brainwashed to believe in everything Abel tells her.  So, when two of her fellow shooting survivors find their place on opposing sides in survival groups around her, she's no longer the friend they knew and loved. She's bound forever by Abel's belief that she's the mother of the new world. 

The zombies are believed by Abel's cult to be sent as a punishment from God. Demons, taking hold of the shells of rotting corpses, with hell running over in the sins of the perished. However, the other survivors living in the colony around them plot to break apart the cult that rises in power. 

Abel, his Eve, and the rest of his disciples move toward what Abel calls "The Reckoning". As Abel sets out to convert the rest of Richmond Hill's colony, anyone who stands in his way will meet their fate by Abel's bloodied hand...or by God's will. 

(Second installment of the twice featured Wattpad story, "ALIVE".)