The Love Club [R-18]

The Love Club [R-18]

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Ysa Enna By jinxmagnet Updated Feb 27

It all started with tequila shots, dry-humping and continuous nights of passion. Who would have thought that it will end up with broken condoms and pregnancy tests? Keziah Torres surely didn't see that coming.

Warning: This is an R-18 story. Don't say I didn't warn you.


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mermaidenight mermaidenight Jul 18, 2014
HAHAHAH! Challenged ang reading skills ko. Oh my effin' gulay! Looking forward. HAHA. Supporter here <3
rixxatienza rixxatienza Jul 12, 2014
Hahahahaha!!! I know you know what I'm eggzoooited about. Hahaha! Seriously though, wag kang nega!! I'm sure you can pull (and push. hahaha) this one off 'cause you're cool like that. *Ok. Enough na. Ayoko lumobo ang ulo mo. hahaha. Ang gross pakinggan. xD
rixxatienza rixxatienza Jul 11, 2014
Ohmygosh!!! Ate yzz, you sure are bringing your naughty side out huh. Definitely a good change! Lemme tell you na super excited na ko for this story. Goodluck ate Yzz! Make me swoon over Quinn's smeeexy-ness! Hahahaha!