Crowd: A Dystopian Social Network Thriller (Final Draft)

Crowd: A Dystopian Social Network Thriller (Final Draft)

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Mars Dorian By MarsDorian Completed

What if an algorithm controls your life?

In the near future, California is plagued by civil riots. Exploding rent, high crime, and political corruption threaten the lives of ordinary people.

Enter Crowd, an advanced social network that ranks each citizen by their contribution to society, ensuring justice for all.
Want affordable healthcare or better employment?

If you rank high enough, you can get it.

Rayn Cruzada is an ambitious graduate who joins Crowd as a field agent. Her high score allows her to investigate citizens with problematic low ones. Conflict arises as no one understands the algorithms, and losing your ranking means losing your apartment and access to transport. Or worse...

With California on the brink of civil war, Rain has to discover whether Crowd is the solution or a problem.

Inspired by Black Mirror, The Circle, and The Social Network, Crowd is a pre-dystopian thriller.

  • california
  • conspiracy
  • dystopia
  • dystopian
  • femaleprotagonist
  • future
  • futuristic
  • internet
  • mystery
  • mystery-thriller
  • near-future
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