Vespertine|temporary hiatus

Vespertine|temporary hiatus

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Jennise K By Sannyaahhh Updated Dec 02, 2018

One winter's night. 
Under the full moon's glow. 
A brother betrayed the other.

He cast a spell and banished the man, 
into a world framed with gold.

A wicked desire, 
A jealous ire 
A soul stuck, 
never able to leave.

Never able to age, 
never able to sleep. 
A soul stuck behind a one sided mirror, 
an eternal prison carved by his brother's greed.

A hundred years, this day has come
And yet he still breathes
Growing stronger
Filled with anger
Behind the painted wall, his cage
For a chance to be set free.

So look out,
Look out
His blue eyes can see thee
Be safe,
Keep safe
And do watch thy feet
For he has waited
A hundred years
For a chance to be set free

When she is presented with an offer she can not refuse, twenty-two-year-old English major and part-time editor, Gardenia, finally moves out of her pitiful excuse of a flat and into the newly renovated cottage styled apartment in the glorious Redanward Estate.
A neat home, two editing jobs that help her through the year, a healthy number of subscriptions to Asian drama sites, and her studies - everything seemed in place and happy. Just how she always wanted it to be. 
But the large mansion in the heart of the vineyard estate seems to hold many secrets. Secrets that come alive every night after the sun goes down. Secrets that are just waiting to be set free. 
 And then one night ...  the biggest secret knocks on her door. Him and his glowing golden eyes. 
  A Royal's Tale III
  First Draft        -  23/03/18
  Published        :
  Highest Rate   : 500 in Werewolf
  Cover                 : Sannyaahhh
  Trailer #1          : Sannyaahhh
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poalalaudine poalalaudine Feb 28, 2018
That's our Liza Soberano!!! Oh my!!! I'm so looking forward for the story!!!!
GiGi_1077 GiGi_1077 May 03, 2018
This is so good your writing is just just AMAZINGILY AMAZING
pmlynn05 pmlynn05 Jun 20, 2018
That’s the best poem ever!! Did you write that by yourself!?!??
jishageorge jishageorge Jan 08
Hey. J,
                              I know you are busy in writing 'Someone like you'. I just want to know when will continue writing this story. I don't want to sound pushy or anything.
mtoebora7 mtoebora7 Nov 25, 2018
Omg!! Is that Liza Soberano???! Kyaaahh! Proud Filipino here! 😄🖐️🖐️
mtoebora7 mtoebora7 Nov 25, 2018
The book is interesting. I can't wait for the author to finish this! 😃😃