Bulletproof Love - Kellic

Bulletproof Love - Kellic

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Kati M. By Cashby__Kellic Completed

Victor Vincent Fuentes is the leader of Pierce The Veil, a huge, feared gang in Mexico. He's known to be brutal, cold, and heartless. The only people he loves are his family and his two close friends, Jaime and Tony. His gang is the most known in Mexico, but yet, no one can seem to catch them, or find their hide out. His parents were the leaders before him. He's also known to kill trespassers.

Kellin Quinn ran away from home due to reasons. He ran away scared, alone. He went from Michigan all the way to Mexico. He apparently stepped into a gang's land and was captured. That's where he meets their leader, Victor. And he's afraid at first glance. He does his best to avoid Victor, but that's kind of hard when he's forced you to sleep with him in his bed. Even if it is just sleep.

And everything was fine, until Kellin's past caught up to him.

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aphrodites-dove aphrodites-dove Aug 19, 2017
'scary' mm-hmm he's a 5'6" 12 year old in the body of a grown man.
daddy_tony daddy_tony Oct 03, 2016
Ya know this ia weird because vic isnt scary like hes cute and squishy
ackershook ackershook Oct 08, 2016
It's so hard to imagine Vic being scary cuz he's so smol and precious
chemicalkiddo chemicalkiddo Jan 19, 2016
He sounds like the only narco I'd like to meet 7u7 
                              This Mexico gang thing is somewhat interesting :p
Cashby__Kellic Cashby__Kellic Feb 13, 2015
@gettingunderme I wrote the story, therefore, I am in charge! And I say, I get the popcorn! *takes it back* *scarfs it all down*
gettingunderme gettingunderme Feb 13, 2015
@Cashby__Kellic @RiahJenkins WOULD YOU BOTH LEAV MY POPCORN ALONE!!! ITS HOLY! *tries to take it back*