Love at First Letter ✔️

Love at First Letter ✔️

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Megan Nicole By megaannicolee Completed

Hazel Tate has spent the last three years of her life avoiding all things military. After the unfortunate deaths of her parents, she wants nothing to do with them. So she runs. Now she's a bestselling author, struggling to find inspiration for book number two. 

So when a random soldier sends her a letter from across seas fighting in the war, what is she to do? She wants nothing to do with this soldier but she writes him back. She wasn't expecting what she found; inspiration and love.

Could it be love at first letter? 
#116 Romance

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tlgregory tlgregory Jul 14, 2016
I like the the cover.  I LOVE THIS STORY.  This is the second time, that I am reading this story.😊,  I just love it that much.  If you publish this , I will  purchase it. ☺👍
buckysbutt buckysbutt Aug 07, 2016
Okay this kinda makes me mad. Like I get that she wants to fight for her country but her daughter needs her
icecreampizza_QUEEN icecreampizza_QUEEN Nov 06, 2016
Pretty 'well one? ' I don't think that's proper English but whatever.
JennyChey JennyChey Aug 25, 2016
How are there no fist fights in that house when the dad JD from the army and the mom is from the air force? They hate each other! Well... Not hate.... But do not have nice things to say about the other
Lone_wolf2020 Lone_wolf2020 Apr 14, 2016
Saying 'a pretty good one would make more sense' I know it's under construction so this is just an editorial comment.  :)
DaniWolf6499 DaniWolf6499 Dec 24, 2016
I would love having those two breeds of dogs. Unfortunately I'm only 13 and my parents would never let me. But I plan to...hopefully