A Strong Girl In A Weak Mans World(lafayette x reader)

A Strong Girl In A Weak Mans World(lafayette x reader)

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Mother Ducker By astrid_star_05 Updated May 05

"Y/N Hamilton. Famously known as The Hitman Hamilton. Wanted for Murder and piracy. On orders of the British army"

To avoid being captured by the British army Y/N makes the bold but brave move of joining the American army to fight with the colony's against Britain.

When Y/N joins she meets 4 fun, loving and caring people.

Hercules, the funny parent.
John, the sarcastic cinnamon bun
Alex her worrisome twin brother who she hasn't seen in years.
And Lafayette... The hot one... The really hot one...

But what happens when Y/N the gun carrying asassin falls for America's favourite fighting Frenchman. And what happens when Alex finds out.

((Disclaimer: I started writing this book when I was incredibly new to wattpad and writing so grammar in the earlier chapters isn't the best but I promise you the plot and grammar gets better later on.))

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