Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines

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Alex Inderson By lex_marie8 Completed

"I don't trust you," I told him, refusing to go.  

He smirked, "You shouldn't."   

Arleigh Blackburn has always dreamed of the day she would meet her mate. She imagined he would be her knight in shining armor, smiling down at her with love in his eyes. She had never once thought that her mate would be her pack's biggest enemy, Hayden Cross, smirking down at her in arrogance. 

Hayden Cross never thought much of mates until he found his hiding behind the Alpha of his enemy pack. He took her back to his pack, forcing her father (the Alpha's) hand on declaring war on his pack.

There will be traitors made, friendships both formed and destroyed, lines drawn, and maybe even a little love will be found. But that doesn't mean it will last. 

"The world is too cruel for happy endings."

  • arleigh
  • danger
  • enemy
  • family
  • fight
  • friends
  • funny
  • hate
  • hayden
  • love
  • pack
  • rival
  • traitor
  • wolf
love_life_love_books love_life_love_books Jan 15, 2017
REYNA!!! what are you doing here?? Camp Jupiter will fall apart without you
freifreifreiya freifreifreiya Dec 05, 2015
                              Does that mean werewolf mates have the same birthday?
-heartless- -heartless- Jan 08, 2015
i love how the book actually has something to do with the title. xo
PurpleUnicorn525 PurpleUnicorn525 Jul 05, 2014
Great use of words and you have a bug vocabulary! I like the way you describe Arleigh, her features. The chapter was written fabulously, I can't wait to read more! 
                              A definite vote from me!