Screw You, Allen Ginsberg

Screw You, Allen Ginsberg

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Squire By endolia Updated Feb 27, 2018

"If you were a classic, you'd be a terrible one." Derrek retorted, seeming to pull inspiration for the jab from the aged novels around them.

Meria snorted, rolling her eyes. "That's every classic."

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KB_Champion KB_Champion Feb 28, 2018
I love how you wrap up the story with different versions of the paragraphs you stared it with.  It gives the story a very complete feeling.
TheVandiShow TheVandiShow Mar 05, 2018
I love it.  The right combo of  sweet, romantic, and UST.  
                              Great work. :)
Authoritative Authoritative Mar 09, 2018
Oh my LANTA this was AMAZING! I was veryyyyy surprised to see that it only had a few reads. It needs more!
kiaras7quills kiaras7quills Apr 26, 2018
Same here.. I used to love the search through shelves and the happiness at the end of a mini quest.. (:
sarcastics sarcastics Mar 02, 2018
This is a really good opening paragraph!! Can’t wait to read the rest.
lucefata lucefata Mar 06, 2018
Yeah.. Ok.. Who is Allen ginsberg then? I see none of his name before the last sentence here..