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Autumn Tomasko By acrossthestarssg Updated Jan 01

Dour shadows of the malicious Revive loom over Ava Iveta, as does the responsibility to save the people of Earth. Ava is thrown into a new life surrounded by strangers, required to unify with the once prosperous Strife, causing the race to her goal to dawdle. When her trusting relationship with her friend Theo is hindered, she seeks truth and promises in old and new allies.

At the other end of the galaxy, a new threat with familiar eyes sets the universe ablaze. With the same goal, the enforcers of good are ready to face any challenge. But, with the light becoming nearly out of reach, darkness will not easily abate.

(Divest is the first book in the Divest Tetralogy)

*Highest Rank #50 in Science Fiction*

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  • combat
  • fantasy
  • future
  • government
  • rebelwars
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Carolyn_Hill Carolyn_Hill Apr 02, 2018
I've heard that many people only like third-person narrators, so this is probably a good call. ☺️
silent0racle silent0racle May 06, 2018
                              Okay so this first chapter lacked exposition and character introductions and... JK LMAO 
                              Best of luck on your journey to publication!
                              I’m excited to read on c:
Carolyn_Hill Carolyn_Hill Apr 02, 2018
That's cool too. Although a bit of comic relief is good, no need to make it overly silly. #MBC
greydaygirl greydaygirl Mar 31, 2018
I like the Own Worst Enemy theme, it makes for interesting characters, looking forward to this!
Carolyn_Hill Carolyn_Hill Apr 02, 2018
Sweet! It's great that you aspire to publish, and I wish you the best of luck and success with that venture. #MBC
Carolyn_Hill Carolyn_Hill Apr 02, 2018
Wow, that is certainly dedication! Wonderful. I myself am a pantser, but then I edit for two years. 😂😂😂 #MBC