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Beyond the Walls of Greenmoor Manor

Beyond the Walls of Greenmoor Manor

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Frompasttopen By Frompasttopen Completed

At the age of eight, one should be running about the streets with the neighbor children, playing tag and screeching like wild banshees.  While the other children were doing just that, dashing through the alleys and terrorizing their mothers, Mary Noble was packing all of her belongings into a single tattered bag.
Sent away from her father’s home to live with her Aunt at Greenmoor Manor, Mary is the unwanted ward in a house large enough to host the royal family. She grew up as a wild child with an unruly imagination, doing everything her Aunt truly disapproved of. She was sent away to finishing school and after five long years she returns to the Manor just the same as she was before, only this time she is not a child. In her absence her childhood friend James had turned into a man, her aunt had become even more cantankerous than ever and her husband Mr. Whitby has decided it is high time for Mary to be out into society. Through suitors, balls, undiscovered feeling and heartbreaks, Mary searches for the one thing she had longed for all her life, home. Home is where the heart is and she might just discover that her heart is closer than she ever imagined.

Rereading this for the second time - still my favourite story on Wattpad!
Zuha987 Zuha987 Dec 17, 2016
I'm very interested to see where this goes. I like how the relationship between Mary and everyone else is developed. This sets a base for the rest of the story.
Zuha987 Zuha987 Dec 17, 2016
Seriously? Anyone with a brain knows that it's not right to just 'drop' a child on the doorstep and leave 😑
fluffyhead86 fluffyhead86 Jan 22, 2016
I don't know how people could treat their children with so little care back then. Seen but not heard?! Makes me angry but I'm glad I have the love of both my kids and live in the 21st century.
sfernandez97 sfernandez97 Jul 23, 2015
This is the exact plot for Mansfield Park. I don't think Jane Austen would appreciate you stealing her story even if you try to "make it your own."
GloriaMagege GloriaMagege Jul 18, 2015
that carriage driver is an ass too. it's the middle of the night dude!! and she's only 8. at least make sure she gets inside the house!