Sweet Tooth (BoyxBoy) One-Shots {Ongoing}

Sweet Tooth (BoyxBoy) One-Shots {Ongoing}

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You Can't Change Me.. By Crossx_ Updated Jul 03, 2016

Requests are open again. 

If you want a one-shot please message me with the following:

Character Name(s)
Synopsis of what you want to happen

Please keep in mind that Sweet Tooth is the One-Shot book dedicated to just BoyxBoy action.

DerreckSanchez DerreckSanchez May 14, 2016
Started off wincing because this Derek is BURTAL, but now over here blushing like a school girl at a nunnery? This has been a tasty morsel, but like the previous story, I would still like to know what happens next.
EmmiiLover EmmiiLover Jan 09
Ass! I was at the imperial war museum and the holocaust was horrible! I ran out crying! No one. NO ONE! Deserves that!😡
MissYandereJackson MissYandereJackson Nov 24, 2016
O hell no if it was mine he would've been buying me a new one
LoverOfPotatoes LoverOfPotatoes Jul 06, 2016
I'm sorry, but is he saying that he's gay if he's talking to himself? Just an observation ;)
Lavivi27 Lavivi27 Jul 19, 2016
I'm not gonna lie, I thought somebody had walked in on them and screamed at the scene. Haha
TonyOnePeperoni TonyOnePeperoni Sep 12, 2016
8 \uoobd 
                              Dafuq kind of coding do I gotta decipher is that a codeword for "slightly average" or what