(BOOK ONE) Harry Potter and Percy Jackson crossover

(BOOK ONE) Harry Potter and Percy Jackson crossover

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What if Percy, Annabeth and Thalia aren't just demigods. What if Percy's mum is a witch? What if Annabeth's Dad was a wizard? What if Thalia, though her mum is mortal, what if she is a witch? What happens when they go to Hogwarts and be friend the golden trio? Be prepared for a whole year of trouble, fun and secrets.

I do not own Percy Jackson or the Heroes of Olympus. Rick Riordon does. 

I do not own Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling does

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Wait why don't they just go to wizardry school in America?
                              Also I know that it is a crossover but still
ChrisCauich ChrisCauich Apr 21
do i read the harrry potter books after i saw fantasic beast and i ompletly freaked out when i saw newt scamander
kerrt4875 kerrt4875 Jun 26
How long does it take to read all that with very bad Dyslexia.
All of these comments I was going to write great minds think alike or in the case seaweed brains swim together
I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good.
                              Gosh, I miss Fred.
U didn't realize u loved her until the 2nd book.. U didn't tell her how u felt until the 4th book u guys started dating in the 5th book in the last chapter then lost ur  memory and got shipped half across the world and now annabeth hates Hera