Have you ever had that one friend that is always causing drama?  The one that you can love in one moment, then hate in the next?  This poem is for all the friends that after you hang out with them, you feel worse and even more exhausted.

joker0317 joker0317 Feb 26, 2011
@LoneTearFalls  It was hard to write but I'm happy that it had an effect on you. 
SparkledCrayons SparkledCrayons Feb 24, 2011
I love this poem with a PASSION(:
                              I was thinking about someone in my life during this whole poem, and it really hit home.  My eyes are all watery.
                              I thank you, for writing this.(:
AdrianaMarie224 AdrianaMarie224 Feb 24, 2011
Powerful words there girly! Am I allowed to make assumptions?   
joker0317 joker0317 Feb 22, 2011
@Maryam_SriLankan Thanks! I really enjoyed reading your new story too!
joker0317 joker0317 Feb 21, 2011
@dacerfreak thanks. It's the first thing I've ever put online