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Indie By seeyouinf0rever Updated Jul 18, 2014

A small baby was dropped off at heaven's doorstep with nothing but a symbol on it's ankle and a necklace with Ariel engraved on it to identify her. 

 The elderlies and the leader of heaven, Archangel Daniel Angelo sensed the baby was an angel. But it wasn't a child of anyone in heaven and there wasn't angels anywhere else so where did it come from? Unsure of what to make of everything, Daniel takes in Ariel and raises her as his own.

  Ariel has always been different from the other female angels. She rebelled without a cause, she didn't play with dolls as a little girl instead she ripped there heads off, she wore leather jackets and fought. Lots of angels were scared off her. There was always a dark aurora around her, which screamed dangerous. 

Ariel knew she wasn't like the other angels but she didn't know why, and although she could beat up your ass deep inside she was kind and caring - a teddy bear. 

 Heaven and hell's leaders have always been clashing wings and horns. The leader of hell pushed the angels too far one day and a war commenced between the two. It's demons against angels at the start but soon more supernatural allies join the war.  

The war is getting worse, and the angels are beginning to lose. So archangel Daniel, adoptive father of Ariel and leader of heaven charges sixteen year old Ariel to summon the help of any other supernatural species on Earth.  She goes to get help but comes back with more then everyone expected.  


  • angel
  • centuars
  • dragon
  • earth
  • heaven
  • hell
  • powers
  • werewolves
  • wizards
  • wolven
franz157 franz157 Apr 29, 2017
Its okay your good i mean yeah its fine
                              Angel😇 vs demons😈
___unicorn_ ___unicorn_ Oct 18, 2016
*Ya your descriptions are horrible* PLEASE you are awesome at descriptions
kelvinth kelvinth Jul 18, 2016
I love the description its just so simple and nice to read my descriptions are horrible you are not horrible believe in yourself
mdrlolz mdrlolz Oct 13, 2015
How is that a rubbish descrption?! I think I'm gonna like this story
posiedonsace7777 posiedonsace7777 Jul 09, 2015
Your description is as good as naughtyrosies copyright threats
ArkansasDragon ArkansasDragon Apr 18, 2015
Yeah, when I was young I couldn't understand why other kids loved to play with the creepy things...