Dirty Dean {ON HOLD}

Dirty Dean {ON HOLD}

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We're Not All Negan By iRespectBacon Updated May 30, 2014


"What's that ?"         

"Alright, I will accept your terms. But for how long ?"          

"Until I tire of you. Now strip."          

"What !?"        

"I want you naked, now."         


"Rule number 1), You will do what I say without hesitation. Did you forget already ?"          


"Then get to it."         

I heard the demand behind his voice and didn't delay any longer. I reached my hands behind me and found the clasps of my bra before undoing it and throwing it to the side. Afterwards I pulled my underwear off and stood uncomfortably with one arm crossed over my chest and the other covering my exposed area.          

"Come here." the words were not aggressively spoken and I found myself walking around his desk to stand in front of him.         

"Uncover yourself and look at me."         

I couldn't, I was already embarrassed enough. Before another thought could cross my mind, my arms were ripped away from my body and held tightly behind my back.          

"It seems I'm going to have to teach you my rules the hard way."  _____________________________________________________      

Alexandria Petroff, a daring beauty and the daughter of a millionaire. Things seem to be going well for her as she suspiciously attends college in the qualms of San Francisco, that is, until she encounters an unsuspecting man who found her in a less than appropriate manner.           

Noah Castell, owner of Castell Inc., a world re-known billionaire, and the most eligible bachelor in San Francisco. He should have known the day his old high school buddies showed up in his office and offered one night of drinks, that it wouldn't have turned out pleasantly for him, and was he ever more right. Now he owned a college that he had no time and lack of knowledge for what to do with. But his interest spikes when he strikes a deal with the flame-haired beauty that she can't refuse, literally.

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