Friends with the Prince of the Underworld | Prequel

Friends with the Prince of the Underworld | Prequel

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_lovepenny By _lovepenny Updated Apr 15

Emylin is finally finishing high school - a day she has been counting down to since her senior year started. Just as her senior year is wrapping up her best friend, Damien Prince of the Underworld, finally invites her to his dominion, the faerie kingdom - where magic lives and faeries are eternal. 

They visit Neera, the Summer Kingdom, the only Fae Kingdom truly accepting of humans - but not all is what it seems. 

The Summer Kingdom, Keepers of Prophecies and Truth know of a terrible curse that involves Damien. 

And she's the only one that can stop it.

~ Prequel to Friends with the King of the Underworld ~

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I like this prequel book, it gives a glimpse into Emmy's attitude towards Damien and their friendship
I felt a little iffy towards Damien but this definitely helps, I missed liking him as a character so thank you so much for this
vakilia vakilia May 14
I knew it I was like there's gonna be all kinds of sass in this book!
Ahhhhhh....i don't know who I ship em with anymore....this is too cute
Ahhh I soo needed a dose of Damien.thank you so much for this! ❤️❤️
MarcCore MarcCore Mar 16
Amazing. I love how damien flirts with her. And of course, u did an amazing job as always!