The truth about another world

The truth about another world

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Mia By aisha_landar Updated Feb 26, 2018

A/n: it's been so long since I wrote a normal story in fact I missed doing this so I decided to write this

Kaya is your average day magical girl warrior from another world

And by average I mean average for her world

As a kid she was the inheritance for the throne of one of the most known empires 

But the people didn't want a female to rule so she was said to be killed and sent away in the woods

She trained and trained until she was known to some as the song bird for the tone she hums before killing

One day there is a huge war and she and the other inherence of different country's thrones are sent to earth to see witch kingdom will control this magic less planet

Izo is a normal otaku 

He isn't one of the popular ones in fact he gets bullied and beaten often by his fellow students one day he meets a strange girl that changes his life